RAFTING IOANNINA is an alternative tourism company (outdoor activities) that organizes daily outdoor sports activities in Epirus.

Our experienced guides will accompany you to one of the following activities of your choice:

The famous Zagori, the famous Tzoumerka, rivers Voidomatis, Aoos, Arachthos and Kalarytikos and the wider region of Epirus waiting to enchant you with the most beautiful rivers in Greece, virgin green forests, huge gorges, canyons and majestic mountains and endless rare natural beauties!

To better serve you, we undertake your shuttle with a tourist bus (which is available for any transfer). Equipment required for the activities of Rafting and Canyoning is provided by us (uniforms neoprene, life jackets, raincoats, helmets, paddles and neoprene shoes) to conduct a safe route.

In every activity we are able to capture your experiences (photographs - video go-pro camera).

Your stay in our region will be very pleasant and helpful, as are available numerous hotels and apartments that can meet your various needs in both areas of Zagori and Tzoumerka and the wider area of Ioannina.

Come with your best mood and trust us to take you to a unique experience that you will never forget!

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