Rafting was one of the first forms of transporting people.

The modern history of Rafting starts in 1842. He was Lieutenant John Fremont of the US Army existorise the first explorations of the River Platte. The raft used rather designed by Horace H. Day. The Day of boats constructed from four independent pipes, rubber and fabric hugging the floor.

The boats were originally the simplest form of human transport in water and was made from boards, logs, or reeds that were glued together. Soon, inflatable boats developed as lifeboats which were later used by the army to attack the shore.

On 1960 το Rafting established in America.

The 70s marked a major upgrade to this activity when it joined the Munich Olympic Games.

On 1992, Rafting was included in the Olympic Games in Barcelona and the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. In addition, the Ocoee River in Tennessee Valley hosted the whitewater events of the Summer Olympic Games. On 1997, η International Rafting Federation was founded and the first official international championship was held in 1999.

With advances in boats, skills and equipment, Rafting continually becomes more and more popular for those who like extreme sport. Today more and more people are discovering the fun and adventure that offers this activity. With enough preparation, proper use of equipment Rafting, physical and mental readiness, you are on track to ride the waves and conquer troubled waters.

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