The riding as a sport, known since antiquity. The use of the horse as a means of transport, as an assistant in agricultural work or in war, goes back centuries.

The use, however, the horse at sporting events for the first time in ancient Greece, where since 680 BC chariot races and from 648 BC racing were two of the ten events of the Olympic Games.

With the revival of the Olympic Games, at the end of the last century, the horse has regained its former glory.

On Epirus the Horse has thrived in recent years tourism, trails through pine forests and old trails in the villages of Zagori and Tzoumerka is an experience to be lived every visitor of Epirus!

Trails Riding in Papigo: In the village of Papigo in Zagoria each visitor can experience the capabilities of the riding choosing one short one long route.

Trails Riding in Lazaina: The Lazaina village belongs to Tzoumerka and is 20 minutes from Ioannina, where each guest can choose one of the beautiful trails riding in the woods!

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